In addition to quality product, equipment and customer service, Polar Bear can also provide you with all the gases needed to run your establishment.

We carry:

  • CO2 for soda systems and blender boxes
  • Nitro for wine systems and blender boxes
  • G-Mix for beer systems
  • Helium for balloons

Gas sizes we carry:

  • 5lb, 20lb and 50lb.CO2
  • 60cu and 244cu. G-mix
  • 60cu.and 200cu. Nitro
  • 60cu and 244cu helium

* Please note the hookups on these tanks are as follow; CO2 is a male connection (the threads are on the outside of the bottle). G-mix, Nitro and Helium are a female connection (the threads are on the inside of the valve).

Polar Bear provides these gases for our customers because we know the performance of your soda and beer system relies on them. Our aim is to make running your business simpler and more convenient. Being able to supply you with both syrup and gas for your soda system (as well as the gases for the beer systems) helps us to reach that goal.